Scripts for Page and Performer

Page slides out of a back pocket and floats one meter above the ground, more tall than wide. Page unfolds, opens to twice its size with a crisp seam in the middle. The seam apex faces the audience. Page is doubled over, stiff yet agile. Page unfolds again. Its edges curl in, dog-eared. Page collapses along its folds. It flicks and stiffens, holding taught. Page reflects light back to the audience. Its surface is creased. Page hovers and shudders. It trembles, suspended by its long-sides, fixed. It tilts back to an acute angle, holds the pose and begins to work.

Page moves the performer’s eyes side to side, moving slow from right to left. Then quick back, each time resting them in the thick margin. Page repeats this action, slow and quick, through the sentences on its surface from top to bottom. Page rehearses the words inside the performers head, gives an imagined sound and tone. Page instructs the tongue to make different phonetic shapes. Page tries on some words.

Scripts for Page and Performer is a collaborative performance with Chris Timms at Smoking Inside, a diy performance evening at a warehouse in South Bermondsey, London, 21 November 2018.