meatmouth performance still


Speak meat mouth. Swallow.
Fuck god. The jaw-touch teeth lips.
The meat-mouth obeys and instructs. It speaks. It is told to speak. The mouth belongs to the script.
I want you. Swallow.
The script owns it. The script has broken from page. Deserting the betraying prop. Ear-page speaks to and from meat-mouth.
The jaw, the ears, you press up on me. I’m dry spit-wet from the jaw. Clit-like, this so-big-tongue, is tired all down the throat. The head, the throat!
Shh.. I want you
to soften.

Tongue softens, panting.
It’s a cute fucking mess you’ve made. Now lick. it. all. up.
The image strains to slide full out and lick it all I hear is you, I am yours.
Come. You will come
out of yourself.

The performer’s mouth is held wide open; jaw, head and lips lock in position. The tongue moves following the words of the script, an audio recorded voice playing directly into the performer’s headphones. The jaw and lips remain still, the tongue’s choreography isolated and voiceless.

A video camera on a tripod directly in front of the performer captures the quick moving tongue and fixed mouth. The image on the camera display matches the video projected behind the performer. The performer’s tongue moves in synch with the video tongue.

Mid way, the performer’s mouth breaks into speech while the video mouth continues open and tonguing for the duration of the performance. ‘Ear-page’ instructs ‘meat-mouth’ to speak.

meatmouth is a 10 minute performance with video made as a response to ‘making a hunter’s bluff from a word,’ programme 1 of the screening series its origins are indeterminate curated by Erik Martinson at Whitechapel Gallery 17 March 2018.